General Rules and Regulations

1. Parking on the grass or street at any time is prohibited.  All residents' (homeowners and renters) vehicles must be registered with the Association and must display a decal provided by the Association in the lower left corner of the rear window of the vehicle. (drivers side)

2. Commercial and Recreational Vehicles –no boat, trailer, camper golf cart or other type of recreational or commercial vehicle shall be parked at any time on the Lots or Common Open Space, unless it is a commercial vehicle in the process of being loaded or unloaded; and provided further that no vehicle which exceeds the dimensions of the garage of a Unit shall be permitted to park or be parked overnight on the Lots or Common Open Space.  Exceptions: delivery trucks or other commercial vehicles in the process of doing work authorized by the homeowner or the Association.  These vehicles are permitted on the premises Monday through Saturday from 8:30 am to 7:00 pm. Any work that is considered disruptive (hammering, drilling, etc.) should not start before 9:00 am and end by 5:00 p.m. If there are extenuating circumstances, the homeowner is required to get approval in writing from the Board via the management company prior to the commencement of work.

3. Garbage and trash shall be placed in closed containers or plastic garbage bags and placed near the street no earlier than sunset prior to the day of pick-up. (Paper bags are not acceptable.) All empty containers should be picked up as soon as possible after collection. When leaving town, residents should ask a neighbor to help them comply with this regulation.

4. Littering in the community at any time is prohibited.

5. All dogs must be on a leash when outside. All defecation must be removed from all outside areas and disposed of properly at the pet owner’s home.

6. No pots, potted plants or other objects are permitted on top of patio walls or fences, nor are they permitted to be affixed to any part of the roof including fascia and soffit.

7. No vines or plants are permitted to climb or adhere to exterior walls outside the front or rear patio areas. Exterior walls inside the front or rear patios must be accessible for periodic maintenance, e.g. painting, waterproofing, etc.

8. Gardens are permitted only within the confines of the front patio and within 3 feet of the rear patio.

9. Garden hoses stored outside the front patio must be kept on a hose holder located adjacent to the water spigot or run behind the hedges to the patio.

10. No “For Sale” or “For Rent” signs may be displayed anywhere within Doral Oaks. This includes front and rear patios and window of the units. Signs are permitted in front of the unit only during an “open house” on Saturday or Sunday.

11. No commercial enterprise may be conducted within the confines of this community at any time which involves employees, customers or clients who come onto the property, or which in any manner invites the public to the property. A commercial enterprise consisting solely of the resident of any home which is in compliance with the foregoing is acceptable, but that acceptability is subject to its continuing compliance. It is the intention of this rule to eliminate any activity which might interfere with the residents’ right to quietly enjoy their homes.

12. All communication, complaints and suggestions should be in writing, addressed to the Board of Directors and sent to the Association’s management company.

13. No satellite dishes can be installed on any part of the roof or other common areas and no dish installed can exceed 18 inches. Each home limit one dish. Any damage resulting from improperly installed satellite dishes is the responsibility of the homeowner. Guidelines for installation are as follows:

a. Dishes are not to be attached to any part of the roof including the soffit or fascia.
b. They cannot be attached to wood siding.
c. They must comply with building codes.
d. Placement should be unobtrusive. Installation in the courtyard area below courtyard wall is preferred. If necessary they should be painted to blend into their environment as much as possible.

14. A Unit owner shall not permit or suffer anything to be done or kept in or around his/her unit which will obstruct or interfere with the right of other Unit Owners or annoy them by unreasonable noises, activities, odors or otherwise.

NOTE: Any vehicle illegally parked in Doral Oaks in violation of Rules 1or 2 may be TOWED AWAY AT THE OWNER’S EXPENSE. All residents are also referred to the provisions contained in Article XIV of the Association’s declaration for a complete list of Restrictions which affect your property.

These Association rules and regulations and the Document restrictions are for the purpose of keeping our community clean, neat, in good repair and for the purpose of being considerate of our neighbors.


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